One city, one story, "Guangcheng invites" the first stop of China Urban Lighting Micro Forum held in Shenyang

In today's hot construction of smart cities, urban lighting is constantly changing and growing, and urban night lighting has become more and more beautiful. Cities in all tiers of the country are carrying out night-scene lighting construction plans, and there is a great momentum of competition. However, under the increasing popularity and progress of lighting sources and control technology, how to get rid of the same design concept, how to ensure that the local cultural characteristics are retained, how to link the landscape control system with the smart city, and the personality of urban lighting is placed in the city. A difficult problem facing construction managers.

One city, one story, "Guangcheng invites" the first stop of China Urban Lighting Micro Forum held in Shenyang

Our urban night light environment is in urgent need of awakening. Keeping up with the pace of the times, LED companies urgently need to make new improvements in technology and concepts. In order to better assist urban lighting managers in the overall planning of urban lighting, to achieve the integration of light and local culture, light and advanced technology, and light and smart cities. On April 18th, the "Light. City Invitation" micro forum jointly created by Xuanzhi Media and well-known urban lighting design master Mr. Jiang Haiyang was held in Shenyang. Through the preliminary investigation of the local urban lighting status, the professional team proposed that it is pertinent and scientific. It is recommended to build a high-end communication platform to understand the current situation and problems of urban lighting, provide suggestions for urban lighting development, provide scientific and pertinent suggestions for the future of the urban framework, and seek new opportunities for the development of the current lighting industry.

Stars gathered at the scene, hosted by Mr. Jiang Haiyang, the host designer of Jiang Haiyang Studio. From Cao Gongtang, Director of Shenyang Urban Construction Administration, Nan Lequn, Director of Shenyang Urban Appearance and Landscape Facilities Management Center, Ouyang Boyu, Engineer of Urban Appearance and Landscape Management Office of Shenyang Urban Construction Administration, Du Xuezhi, Assistant Director of Shenyang Urban Appearance and Landscape Facilities Management Center, and Urban Management of Heping District Zhao Qiuming, Director of the Lighting Office of the Bureau, Wu Quanlin, Director of the Lighting Office of the Shenhe District Urban Management Bureau, Zhang Kai, Director of the Lighting Office of the Beizhan Financial and Commercial Development Zone, Zhang Lifan, Director of the Lighting Office of the Hunnan District Urban Management and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, and Tiexi District Urban Management Gu Tiekui, Director of the Lighting Office of the Bureau, Chen Geng, the Lighting Office of the Urban Management Bureau of Dadong District, Wu Huibo, Director of the Lighting Office of the Urban Management Bureau of Huanggu District, Zhao Yongwen, Director of the Lighting Office of the Urban Management Bureau of Yuhong District, Chen Shuai, Director of the Lighting Office of the Urban Management Bureau of Shenbei New District , Chen Wei, Section Chief of Shenyang Landscape Facilities Management Center, and other city managers and professionals participated in the forum. Interpreting how to deepen the relationship between urban night scenes and culture and people from a more macroscopic perspective and perspective under the normal economy, and seek a new future for the current development of urban night scene lighting.

Nanlequn: Innovation drives development, and promotes the continuous development of Shenyang's urban construction

Nan Lequn, director of Shenyang City Appearance and Landscape Facilities Management Center, gave an opening speech for this "Guangcheng Invitation" micro-forum. He said that light plays a vital role in urban culture and planning. Shenyang actively builds an urban spatial strategic pattern of "East Shanxi, West Water, One River, Two Banks, One Master and Three Assistants", relying on the existing natural resources and humanistic architectural features on both sides of the Hun River, scientific positioning, overall planning, and bold introduction of international advanced planning Using techniques and creativity, we formulated a landscape lighting plan on both sides of the river, greatly improved the urban water system landscape environment, and formed a bright and shocking light belt with silver belts and golden corridors as the main line structure connecting north to south and east to west, comprehensively boosting regional economic development and creating beauty The business environment improves the happiness index of citizens.

The development process of Shenyang, a city with a history of 7,200 years, embodies the scientific thinking of urban construction and development of urban decision-makers. Regarding the development of urban construction in the future, Nan Lequn said, “We also look forward to this forum, concentrating our efforts on major issues, gathering our advantages to seek important tasks, and actively promoting the continuous development of Shenyang’s urban construction. Development provides ideas and references, promotes the combination of technology and art, and uses natural and human factors to reproduce the characteristics of the city. It is a grand event and a blessing for the industry, and it is very necessary."

He Naiqing: Light and Architecture Harmony, Light and Environment

The current lighting design community still does not distinguish the difference between "lighting" and "lighting design", equating technical, physical, functional "lighting" to meet the normal physiological needs of people with "lighting design". He Naiqing, Marketing Director of Guangdong Delos Lighting Industry Co., Ltd. said, “In the road lighting solutions, we must fully consider the residents’ light pollution problems. Circumstances, the layout of reflective sheets is required. In addition, in addition to lighting in the road, the sidewalk can also be re-illuminated to become a city landscape."

Yang Mosheng: Respect for architecture and brighten up the value behind architecture

Language is an expression, and lighting language is a form of expression of light. Urban lighting in China has significant Chinese characteristics, and no country or nation is as keen on “urban decorative lighting” as we are. Yang Mosheng, general manager of Jiangsu Pinzheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., proposed that we should respect the architecture and further illuminate the value behind the architecture! He said, “I think architecture has life, architecture also represents society, as well as the expression carrier of region and national culture. It also represents the development of a city’s history, culture and ecology. The different performances of lighting must conform to the urban economy, Humanity and historical precipitation. The value concept of all products of Pinzheng also revolves around these aspects. The lamps must be integrated into the architectural landscape, respect the beauty of the building and landscape, and at the same time, the beauty of the building and landscape and the ecological health through lighting The best performance, harmonious development with the architectural landscape."

Mu Jianjiang: Deep integration of lighting art and IoT technology

To promote the deep integration of lighting art and IoT technology to build a smart city ecosystem, Mr. Mu Jianjiang, chairman of Zhejiang Creative Sound Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., shared the application of smart lighting control systems in related cases in four parts. The first is the interconnection protocol of the smart lighting control system; the second is the architecture and application of the smart lighting control system; the third is the architecture and application of the light show system; the fourth is the development trend of smart lighting. He said, “Through scientific urban planning and optimizing management of infrastructure, equipment and public services, through big data, large system sharing mode, resource integration to avoid duplication of construction, to achieve comprehensive perception, collaborative operation, and efficient management, the key is In a word, intelligent control, green energy saving, and the ultimate realization of sustainable development of urban lighting is a higher stage of urbanization. This is the smart lighting that we know."

He believes that leaving smart control to talk about smart lighting is the end of nothing, so smart control is the root of smart lighting.

Xue Jun: Sublimation and implementation of urban landscape lighting quality

The construction of urban landscape lighting integrates the concept of light culture, which gives the urban landscape lighting construction and night scene environment the theoretical quality of advancing with the times, a fresh soul and unlimited vitality. Xue Jun, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Minghao Technology, started from the urban lighting case, and discussed with the guests about the sublimation and implementation of urban landscape lighting quality. She said, "The first is the drive in the lamp, and the second is the control system. If the drive fails to reach it, it is just the control system, and the picture will not be reflected. Secondly, the quality requirements of the products ensure the safety of all products. The third is energy conservation and environmental protection. LED itself is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Finally, safety and stability are the first requirements for the control effect. Minghao Technology always emphasizes safety, stability, intelligence and easy operation when doing any project."

Today, as LED technology is becoming more mature, cities have become technology testing grounds. When talking about the design of night scene lighting in the current city, Xue Jun has a lot of feelings, "Light is everywhere, we must design with temperature, let the design change the understanding. When the light illuminates the city, lighting decoration has become an important part of urban lighting. The content of expression, through decoration, reflects culture. We can make people interact with the space better, let people and the installation, let the installation represent the temperature, the climate, and the emotions of the people. Not only the present, but also the future, we It needs a humanized space, friendly interface, interactive lighting and emotional environment. While inheriting the historical light culture, it also creates a modern light culture."

This micro-forum also starts from the natural resources and humanistic architectural characteristics of the strategic urban spatial pattern of Shenyang, and analyzes the current situation and future direction of the development of urban landscape lighting through preliminary visits and investigations. Since then, the participating experts have spoken enthusiastically. From the reports of participating experts and the exchanges and discussions with industry leaders, we have seen that what a city needs is night-time lighting environment design, not night-time lighting. Urban lighting interprets life and environment. The existence of a city without a city is a new urban planning without humanistic thinking; a city without a city is a phenomenon in the process of progress.

As Jiang Haiyang said in the "Guangcheng Invitation" micro-forum, "Each of us bears a firm and heavy responsibility. We live in this city, this country, and work together to do the best for the future of the city. Efforts. Today’s urban lighting has gone through the initial stage, reflecting the existence of buildings with outlines, outlines, and colorful transformations. It has also gone through the simple appeal stage of lighting. Therefore, today’s urban lighting requires more than just illumination. Brightness makes the distance between our heart and nature narrow."