The new EU general lighting standard will be implemented soon. What should lighting companies pay attention to?

The new EU general lighting standard EN60598-1:2015 will end the transition period and be enforced on October 20, 2017. Compared with the previous EN60598-1:2008, this version has made more technical revisions, including some important technical changes. Including new requirements for the construction method of LED lamps, requirements for photobiological safety, and more precise requirements for insulation between different types of circuits, and so on. The biggest change is the inclusion of photobiological safety into the mandatory standard requirements for the first time.

The new standard stipulates that if a light source including LED, metal halide lamps and some special tungsten halogen lamps is used that cannot be exempted from the retinal hazard assessment, it should be based on IEC/TR62778: 2012 "Photobiological Safety of Light Sources and Luminaires Blue Light Damage Assessment Application" for evaluation, and it is not advisable to use light sources with a blue light hazard group greater than RG2.

It is understood that blue light may have three effects on human eyes: first, excessive blue light content may cause increased visual fatigue; second, it may affect the physiological development of the eye; third, long-term operation in such a light environment. The possibility of inducing macular degeneration in the human eye increases in old age. This time, the European Union took the lead in raising photobiosafety to the level of mandatory standards, and it is expected that other countries and regions will gradually follow suit and implement them.

Electric light sources and lighting related products are Shaoxing's key export products, involving more than 100 export production companies. The new version of the EU standard will greatly increase the production and testing costs of the company; once the product quality does not meet the standard requirements, it will be spot-checked and notified by the EU market, which will cause the company to suffer economic losses and even the EU will be blacklisted.

The Shaoxing Bureau reminds relevant enterprises to grasp the requirements of the new standard as soon as possible, especially the first-promulgated photobiological safety requirements; to do a good job in quality control, obtain valid certification certificates before export, and ensure that the quality of each batch of goods meets the importing country. Requirement to avoid unnecessary losses.