Outdoor lighting project

Night view is a must for people to travel at night, and the lights are to bring convenience to people to travel at night, and at the same time show the style of a city. From the appearance of a city, it reflects the visual effect of the LED landscape lighting engineering design. The urban lighting design lies in its overall coordination and rationality, and whether the overall coordination is reasonable or not, the LED landscape lighting engineering design is for the city’s night environment The form is reasonably organized, and through the coordinated configuration and artistic treatment of various elements of lighting, this is the key role of lighting art in the design of LED landscape outdoor lighting engineering.

It is avoided that the newly built, rebuilt, and expanded urban landscapes are in separate formations, resulting in unreasonable brightness values, resulting in the regrettable situation of continuing to rebuild. At the same time, it is necessary to consider various non-quantitative factors of lighting such as visual comfort, good atmosphere rendering, appropriate lamp selection, reasonable illuminance level and brightness distribution, and modern intelligent control system application to make the so-called "brightening".

There has been a custom of viewing lanterns and scenery in our country since ancient times. Lantern festivals are held during the Lantern Festival, where all kinds of colorful lanterns are hung and the lights are brilliant. Nowadays, people can't help but express their joy with lanterns and festoons on festive days and festive days. Lamp culture is a demonstration of higher requirements for spiritual and cultural life in the environment of Guotai Min'an, after people's material life has improved. Looking back on the historical process of the development of cities and buildings, we can clearly see the progress of the development of light technology and light culture with the development of cities and buildings. We can also see that the technological progress of daylighting and lighting affects the appearance of cities and buildings.

The lighting projects in many cities are just for simple lighting, which has caused the consequences of a thousand cities. Therefore, in the process of urban lighting construction, professional, scientific and artistic guidance is essential. To achieve long-term benefits, it is necessary to scientifically carry out night scene construction. Through a reasonable special planning of night scene lighting in the city, the key points of the construction are determined, and reasonable light color and brightness control indicators are formed for each area of ​​the city.