How to choose LED lamps in the lighting project?

First, the appearance of the lamp

The quality of the luminaire can be seen from the appearance of the luminaire. The better luminaire has a regular appearance, pure color, fine workmanship, solid materials, and heavy weight. The poorer luminaires use thin materials and light weight.

The second lamp chip

The core components of LED lamps determine the service life of the lamps. How to distinguish the quality of the chip? In terms of lighting chip brands, of course, the best chip brand is Cree, but the price is not cheap, followed by Osram, Preh, Philips, and Epistar. The above are the most commonly used brands and the most used ones. The most stable. At the same time, each chip brand chip is also divided into several levels. So be careful when choosing.

Third, the lamp lens

The lens of the lamp has an influence on the light-emitting angle of the lamp. The better lens has the advantages of uniform and full effective light and long projection distance, while the poorer lens has the disadvantages of uneven effective light and short projection distance.

Fourth, lighting wiring and male and female heads

The use of lighting wiring is also very important. If wiring is too thin, it will easily cause current increase, overheating, affecting the use of the lighting, and prone to fire and other hazards. The appearance of better lighting wiring looks better than the wiring of the same specification. Be thicker and have more copper wire inside. The male and female heads can also be seen from the appearance, the good materials are solid, the lower materials are thin, and the material is not good.

Fifth, the glue, plug and aluminum substrate of the lamp

Because lighting lamps are generally used outdoors, the requirements for the protection of the lamps are high. The higher the protection level, the better the service life of the lamps.