The new generation of light source products will bloom in Xiaolan, Zhongshan   Luminus New Product Launch Conference is scheduled to be held on April 27

On April 27th, the Luminus new product launch conference will be held as scheduled, when the new generation of light source products will bloom in Xiaolan, Zhongshan. It is understood that in order to prepare for this conference, Luminus started preparations early, and extensively invited big names in different fields to bring a comprehensive knowledge explanation to the participants, and release Luminus new products It will be promoted to a feast of knowledge in the industry.

As a technology concentrator in the packaging field, Luminus has been committed to the research of "light" to provide better packaged light sources for finished lamps. In 2016, Luminus launched the third-generation COB, a new interpretation of light effects and colors. So, in 2017, what kind of surprise products will Luminus bring to the LED lighting industry? What kind of grand occasion will the new product launch scene be?

It is reported that Zhang Yue, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and the design director of the China Pavilion at the Milan World Expo, will give a keynote speech on "Human-oriented Technology-User Experience of Light Environment" at the Luminus New Product Launch; Design Director of Cheng Yue International Design Company .Chen Chongde, a national licensed first-level registered lighting designer, will give a keynote speech on "Harmonious Light Environment and the Spark of Lamps"; Zhu Ming, Marketing Director of Luminus China, will bring "2017 Luminus Annual New Product Special Introduction", Luminus surprise products will be announced.

In addition, Tridonic Technology Solution Manager (South China) Huang Shenzhi brought the theme of "LED driver + DALI Connec DIM building control system + R2M and DC string" to share the theme; Honeywell Performance Materials and Technology Group Electronic Materials Product Marketing Manager Xi Seagull will give a keynote speech on "The Importance of Thermal Interface Materials for LEDs"; Hu Bin, Technical Application Manager of Sealand, will finally bring "Discussion on Optical Control of Commercial Photography". The whole event is worth looking forward to!