Guangdong Kelai Lighting Electric Co., Ltd.


  Product quality and after-sales service commitment 


Guangdong Kelai Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting and lighting engineering lamp manufacturer. The following statements and commitments are made specifically for all products produced by our company:


一.Quality assurance

  1.The products produced by our company conform to the corresponding national quality standard system, and strictly follow our company's production inspection standards for production, or according to the technical specifications stipulated in the demand-side contract.

  2.All lighting products of our company are guaranteed for two years and maintained for life.



  1.The company will strictly fulfill its contractual obligations, deliver on time, and provide users with high-quality products and services.

  2.If product quality problems are found under normal use by users, our company guarantees to deal with relevant technical problems within 24 hours after receiving user information. If it is a quality problem, we will promptly repair or replace it free of charge.


三.Technical Service Commitment

  1.Anyone who orders our company’s products can enjoy our company’s comprehensive, professional and high-quality technical consulting services.

  2.According to the objective conditions used by the customer, select the appropriate product model specification and feasible technical improvement plan to provide reference.

  3.Provide lighting product performance and construction technical guidelines, remind users of the matters and construction methods during construction, and ensure the correct installation of the product.



                                                                             Hereby commit to!

                                                        Commitment unit name: Guangdong Kelai Lighting Electric Co., Ltd.